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Mar 10, 2023

How Much Can You Use Using Electric Motor Bikes

Nothing quite like going at peak speed on a well-maintained road on an electric

Nothing quite like going at peak speed on a well-maintained road on an electric motorcycle. But how far can an electric-powered motorbike make trips on this surreal ride before its battery expires?

Trying to calculate the riding range of an electric motorcycle is like competing in an amateur running competition. This means that you might assume you know where your boundaries are, but you will only know when you’ve beyond them.

If you’re like most motorcyclists, you want to know how far your bike can go before it shuts down. Don't worry; we’ll get into average electric motorcycle riding ranges and all the elements that influence them in this article.

Factors Affecting the Range of Electric Motorbikes

The decent range for an electric motorcycle is at least 45 miles, even though some advanced models may reach more than 100 miles. This is mainly determined by the capacity of your electric motorbike's battery pack and a few other factors.

Below are the explanations for those affecting factors.

1. Battery Size

The mAh rating of a battery indicates how much electricity it can give to an outside supply. As a result, the overall size and mAh value of the integrated battery will be the most important factors influencing maximum trip range.

In general, the higher the mAh, the better, albeit this may raise the weight of the battery. Of course, there are motorcycles with swappable batteries, which means you can carry extra cells to extend your motorcycle's range, but keep in mind that it will increase weight, which will reduce range.

When buying new batteries, ensure that they are fully charged before usage because, otherwise, you risk reducing battery life. Additionally, if you usually wait until your battery is completely discharged before charging, you should quit that habit.

2. Vehicle Weight

The maximum battery range of an e-motorcycle battery can also be influenced by the vehicle's weight. This is because as the weight increases, more energy is required to drive it, lowering the optimum travel distance.

And, when calculating the maximum range of an electric bike, keep in mind any extra weight, such as your body weight and cargo weight. It is not hard to come to the conclusion that the less the total weight, the longer you can bike.

However, while lighter weight often equates to a longer range, the design and other features of the bike must also be considered. Tromox's Ukko S is a fantastic example of a bike that combines lightweight and excellent features.

3. Tire Pressure

The tires on your motorbike do more than just support the weight of the bike and the cargo you put on it. They also play an important role by producing friction between the motorbike and the road. This is the primary reason they may have an impact on how much electricity your e-motorcycle transfers per time.

When your tire is properly inflated, it will operate more smoothly and provide a greater surface area on the road. Tires with low pressure, on the other hand, increase road resistance and consume more energy. So the key is to strike a balance between tire pressure and carrying capacity, and your ideal tire pressure should be found in your owner's manual.

4. Riding Condition and Habit

Going up a hill takes more power than moving on a smooth road, and the same is true for uneven terrain. As a result, uneven and steep terrains frequently restrict a motorcycle's range more than riding on a smooth surface would.

Furthermore, riding with the throttle pinned all around is a surefire way to quickly deplete your available electricity. In contrast, if you ride like an old lady, you may even exceed the manufacturer's recommended mileage. Find the right balance and you’ll come close to what the manufacturer states.

How to Travel Long Range With Electric Motorbikes

First and foremost, you must ensure that your electric motorcycle is capable of cruising on the open road. On top of that, when traveling long distances on electric motorcycles, you must ensure that the battery pack is efficient and capable of providing stable speed with a reasonable range.

1. Vehicle Preparation

While it is necessary to pack some gear, before embarking on long bike rides, it is critical to inspect all of your e-motorcycle's components. Examine your vehicle's brakes, lights, and other critical components.

Furthermore, updating all navigation apps is critical to ensure you are fully prepared for the long haul. Finally, once you’ve packed breathable and waterproof riding clothing, you can add extra items you might need along the way, but keep it to the essentials.

2. Route Planning

The next step before you go riding is to arrange your route. Because your bike has a limited range, find out the location and distance between charging stations.

This is particularly important because your motorcycle battery will normally drain faster as the load increases. It is also critical to check the weather along this route because weather conditions can affect your journey.

Keep your batteries in good condition by riding at a comfortable temperature and keeping your bike in well-insulated areas. While electric motorbikes can withstand severe weather, it would be far better if you could ride without fear of being caught in a downpour.

The Takeaway

Many brand-new electric motorcycle owners believe their machines aren't designed for long-distance riding. One of the key concerns, as previously said, is the issue of charging the batteries, which may have a negative impact on their riding enjoyment.

However, as battery capacity increases and investments in EVs expand, charging infrastructure is quickly improving the riding journey for electric vehicle owners. This means that electric motorcycle users will be able to go on long-distance journeys.

Riding becomes more enjoyable when your bike can travel longer distances. However, you can only properly plan for such long rides if you know how far your electric motor bikes can travel. This article should have given you some ideas.

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Factors Affecting the Range of Electric Motorbikes 1. Battery Size 2. Vehicle Weight 3. Tire Pressure 4. Riding Condition and Habit How to Travel Long Range With Electric Motorbikes 1. Vehicle Preparation 2. Route Planning The Takeaway